Tom Felton and Emma Watson talk about the scene in which Hermione punches Draco.

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Join us on Yahoo next week for our exclusive beer pong interview with The Riot Club guys Sam Claflin, Max Irons, and Douglas Booth!

Until then, enjoy this gif!

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Daniel Radcliffe at Venice (for the 2013 Film Festival) photographed by Luca Locatelli 

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"When I was 16 I was thinking about it(become a priest) because I wanted to be a missionary, I wanted to get out of Glasgow, I wanted to see really exciting places, go to exotic places. I decided not to do that partly because I discovered, I starting to find women liked me. I was getting more luck with ladies so you know the idea of selling my chastity to the Lord was a big mistake".x
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The Maze Runner cast dancing.

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we’re real friends!
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Benedict being Benedict - DP/30 interview [x]

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You can’t convince me this raccoon isn’t elegantly playing the deepest sonata you’ll ever hear on a avant garde harp

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